Friday, October 31, 2014

I Do Not Judge...Until Today

I Do Not Judge...Until Today

I was going to write a post about feeling judged by a "perfect Christian"  I felt this person was making me feel inferior because I am such a messy Christian.  He was quoting scriptures and stories that I haven't learned yet and I felt inferior.  I was embarrassed that I didn't know the bible as well as he did.  I felt judged.  I felt like he was showing me that he was a better Christian. I wanted to tell him what God had done in my life but I didn't get to.

 As I was writing about how I am not ashamed of the struggles and mistakes of my past because they taught me some very important lessons that I wouldn't trade for anything, I was also feeling that this person was wrong in hiding his past and trying to show everyone that he was a better Christian.

 As I wrote with pride about my relationship with God, and how I was honest, I was slapped up aside the head with a reality check from God...I was not the judged, I was the one doing the judging.  Wow.  I felt like poo.

After the reality check. My post has changed.

How we love God is all that matters.  How others perceive us, does not matter.  The kind of Christian we are, is personal.  Just because he was not open about his past and his sins, did not make him any less of a Christian.  I am not a better Christian because I choose to be open about my life.  We are different people.  We both love God.

This was an eye opener for me.  I have always felt strongly about judging others.  That is Gods job, not ours.  I am so disappointed that I was guilty of it and did not even recognize it until God showed me.

I never know when God is going to give me a life lesson.  I can honestly say, they always take me by surprise.  I also hope that he never stops giving me these "surprises"  I am in awe of Him and I always will be.