Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Im Broken and my life forever changed

I'm broken and my life forever changed 

 There are moments in your life that will change you. There are also moments that will changed you forever.   These moments are like storms. They beat  you up,  throw you around,  and inflict tremendous pain.  But when the storm is over,  you will walk out a completely different person.   The old you,  will be gone.   You will be stronger, smarter, and tougher.   You will be ready for the path God has chosen for you.

The reason I have not written in a while, is that I'm in the middle of my own storm.   My husband and I were in a bad car accident.   I broke my hip,  had a brain bleed,  and lost the love of my life.   I could not walk for three months,  and I wanted my husband back.   

One minute I was a wife and the very next minute I was a widow.  I have never experience something this hard even with the death of my parents.   I have a broken life and my future is gone.   I am terrified,  lonly,  and heartbroken. 

My husband's journey is over and God took him home.   I am left to finish my journey alone.   Even though I am so broken right now,  I trust in God.  He has the bigger plan.  See my journey here.
I know that he has a new future for me.   It still makes me sad that I won't be sharing that future with my husband, but apparently I'm not supposed to.

I never questioned God's decision to take my husband.  I grieve for him and I wish he was still with me,  but God took him for a reason.  I don't need to know why,  because I trust God completely.  That is how I'm getting through.

 Tim loved life.  He was put into mine and my children's life for a reason.  He changed us. He fulfilled his purpose in life and he was given his reward.  He went home.

My blog to my husband is

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Importance of Staying Healthy For God

The Importance Of Staying Healthy For God

The bible tells us that our bodies are God temples.  But I don't think a lot of people even  Christians understand what it really means and why it is so important to God.  Most people believe that it means to stay away from drugs and alcohol or at least that is what I first thought.  It means much more then that.  It means that our bodies need to be in good physical and mental shape so we will be strong and healthy to do the work he has planned for us to do.  

This gives us a new look on diet and exercise.  We have always known that we need to be healthy for ourselves, but now its not just about making yourself feel better.  It is about obeying God and keeping his temple in the best shape possible.  

When you look at diet and exercise as a direct order from God, maybe it will give your willpower a little boost.  

Every bottle of water I drink, I am tell myself that it is for God.  

Keep his temple healthy

Friday, November 7, 2014

Understanding Faith

Understanding Faith

As Christians, we use the word Faith often.  Have  you really thought about what a powerful gift it is and what it means?  Faith is a gift from God, that we receive when we give our lives to him.  It is the most amazing, powerful and loving gift that we will ever receive.  With Faith, our lives change.  

Faith gives us strength, knowledge, and peace.  It also take away worry, doubt, and fear.   With Faith, we don't have to worry about our lives.  We don't have to worry about struggles or the future.   We no longer need to fear.   Can you think of a better gift then that?

Faith does not mean we will have a perfect life.  We will still have struggles. My biggest struggle shook me too the core.  Read my story.  Faith is knowing that struggles are a part of life but if they are brought to us, we are made to overcome them.  God will not bring us to it, if we can't get through it.  With Faith, we are able to follow the path God has chosen for us.  The path that leads to a happiness and joy that only God can give us.   Without faith, we could not find this path.  

This is what Faith really is:  Completely letting go of your life and your control over it.  Giving it to God to use it however he needs to.  Your life is his, not yours.  He has a bigger plan.

If you haven't  given your life to God and received this gift, it might sound a little scary.  Let me tell you, when you do give him your life and you receive the gift of faith,  you will feel no fear.  You will feel a sense of peace and comfort that you have never felt before.

I know when I start to stress over something, that I am trying to drive my own life.  I just give it back to God and the stress is gone because I have faith that God knows the road.  

Friday, October 31, 2014

I Do Not Judge...Until Today

I Do Not Judge...Until Today

I was going to write a post about feeling judged by a "perfect Christian"  I felt this person was making me feel inferior because I am such a messy Christian.  He was quoting scriptures and stories that I haven't learned yet and I felt inferior.  I was embarrassed that I didn't know the bible as well as he did.  I felt judged.  I felt like he was showing me that he was a better Christian. I wanted to tell him what God had done in my life but I didn't get to.

 As I was writing about how I am not ashamed of the struggles and mistakes of my past because they taught me some very important lessons that I wouldn't trade for anything, I was also feeling that this person was wrong in hiding his past and trying to show everyone that he was a better Christian.

 As I wrote with pride about my relationship with God, and how I was honest, I was slapped up aside the head with a reality check from God...I was not the judged, I was the one doing the judging.  Wow.  I felt like poo.

After the reality check. My post has changed.

How we love God is all that matters.  How others perceive us, does not matter.  The kind of Christian we are, is personal.  Just because he was not open about his past and his sins, did not make him any less of a Christian.  I am not a better Christian because I choose to be open about my life.  We are different people.  We both love God.

This was an eye opener for me.  I have always felt strongly about judging others.  That is Gods job, not ours.  I am so disappointed that I was guilty of it and did not even recognize it until God showed me.

I never know when God is going to give me a life lesson.  I can honestly say, they always take me by surprise.  I also hope that he never stops giving me these "surprises"  I am in awe of Him and I always will be.