Monday, November 10, 2014

The Importance of Staying Healthy For God

The Importance Of Staying Healthy For God

The bible tells us that our bodies are God temples.  But I don't think a lot of people even  Christians understand what it really means and why it is so important to God.  Most people believe that it means to stay away from drugs and alcohol or at least that is what I first thought.  It means much more then that.  It means that our bodies need to be in good physical and mental shape so we will be strong and healthy to do the work he has planned for us to do.  

This gives us a new look on diet and exercise.  We have always known that we need to be healthy for ourselves, but now its not just about making yourself feel better.  It is about obeying God and keeping his temple in the best shape possible.  

When you look at diet and exercise as a direct order from God, maybe it will give your willpower a little boost.  

Every bottle of water I drink, I am tell myself that it is for God.  

Keep his temple healthy